Southern Mississippi River Basin

As the mighty Mississippi River travels south, it nourishes sweet potatoes growing on the broad plains of the Southern Mississippi River Basin*. The long, humid summers in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana give the roots a full six months to grow before harvest, and years of flooding have enriched the deep, fertile soil with all the nutrients a sweet potato could want.

*Sweet potatoes may be sourced from other states/locations due to supply constraints

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*"Emerging Faith in Food Production," Sullivan Higdon & Sink FoodThink, 2014

Potato Math

Sweet potato crop acres in the Southern Mississippi River Basin

42,400 acres

Average potato yield per acre

13,750 lbs

Pounds of sweet potatoes grown annually

583,000,000 lbs

Weight of Eiffel Tower

14,600,000 lbs

That’s the weight of almost 29 Eiffel Towers!

All figures are approximate and are intended to reflect industry-wide grower production in region.

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