The Heartland

At the end of the Ice Age, melting glaciers scattered Minnesota’s Heartland with shallow hollows amid rolling hills – the perfect landscape for growing quality potatoes. These prairie wetlands gather winter snowmelt and, along with the region’s plentiful lakes, keep the fertile, sandy soil rich and moist to nourish the potatoes.

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*"Emerging Faith in Food Production," Sullivan Higdon & Sink FoodThink, 2014

Potato Math

Pounds of potatoes grown annually in the Heartland

2,300,000,000 lbs

Average weight of a Russet potato

8 oz

Total potatoes grown in the Heartland

4,600,000,000 potatoes

Average length of a Russet potato

5 inches

Circumference of the Earth

24,901 miles

Laid end to end, that’s enough potatoes to circle the earth 14 times!

All figures are approximate and are intended to reflect industry-wide grower production in region.

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