Seasoning for Tossing: Tomato Powder & Basil



  • 5 lbs. fresh globe tomatoes
  • 4 oz. basil leaves, fresh


Wash and core the tomatoes,t hen slice as thin as possible, 1/8" thick, max. Place the tomato slices on the screened trays of a dehydrator and set the machine at 150°F. After 4 hours, flip the tomato slices so they don't stick to the tray and continue to dehydrate until completely dry and crisp. Half way into the drying of the tomatoes, place the basil leaves in the dehydrator and allow them to dry until completely toasted. Remove the tomato slices and basil from the dehydrator, put them in a blender and completely crush them to a powder consistency. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.  Before using,shake container, settlement may occur.


1 cup

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